Investing Master Class with Peshottan Dastur – November 2012

Mr Peshottan Dastur – National Sales Head at Franklin Templeton MF spoke about debt funds. For most investors debt consist of significant allocation of portfolio. Till date bank deposits were the preferred choice. But with limited ability to beat inflation post taxes, they lose the charm. Debt funds with consistent and stable returns offer better tax-adjusted returns. Mr Dastur, in his inimitable style explained the finer nuances of debt funds.

Investing with the Masters – Mr Anup Maheshwari February 2012

The 2012 Masters series at ‘Think’ took place on the backdrop of disappointing 2011 for equity markets. Mr Anup Maheshwari – Head of Equities at DSP-BlackRock MF explained the nature of equities, its functioning and immense promise the markets hold. Few factors like policy paralysis at government has been hampering growth and that is getting reflected in prices. The potential, according to him is huge and patience will get rewarded.

Investing with the Masters – Mr Sankaran Naren January 2011

Mr Sankaran Naren – Chief Investment Officer of ICICI-Prudential MF enthralled the audience with his simplicity and logic specially on equity investing. Investors often feel that intelligence is the most important factor in becoming a successful investor. Mr Naren with vast amount of experience in capital market took great efforts in explaining the virtues of patience, emotional stability and ability to withstand criticism for following the common sense!! According to him if you really want to be a successful investor, you should at least witness one major market cycle and not to get disheartened when everything around you is going haywire.

Investing with the Masters – Mr Vijai Mantri November 2010

The first in the series of ‘Investing with the Master’ we had Mr Vijai Mantri, Chief Executive Officer of Pramerica MF. Having spent couple of decades in talking to investors, advisors and fund managers, Mr Mantri has rare insights about investor behaviour and of course on capital markets. Endowed with excellent oratory and charming personality Vijai talked about need for planning ones finances and investment. He spoke about all asset classes specially equities since the BSE Sensex has just touched 20000 levels after the big fall in 2008 and roller coaster ride of 2009/2010.

8th Anniversary of Think – 8/8/2010 - THANK YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMAN

We completed our journey of 8 year. Just want to say BIG THNAK YOU to each one of our well-wishers.